Wyoming People Creating Wyoming Solutions

The  Wyoming Draws the Line campaign was created to address the wolf torture incident in Daniel, Wy., because we, like so many others in Wyoming, believe more must be done to stop animal cruelty. Outlawing the abuse of wild animals is our legislative goal.

Know where to draw the line,” is a code in the Wyoming Cowboy Code of Ethics and we believe it epitomizes our endeavor and the ideals of most Wyomingites in the humane treatment of animals. 

A recent poll conducted in Wyoming shows that 71% of Wyoming likely voters believe the actions taken against the wolf in Daniel, WY was animal cruelty, and 73% of Wyoming voters do not believe a snowmobile should be used to strike, injure, or kill predators. 

The Wyoming Wildlife Campaign (WWC) was formed to bring Wyoming people together from different fields to create wildlife solutions on issues where unity is found. We are hunters, ranchers, wildlife organizations, animal advocates, and citizens who have come together to draw the line on wildlife cruelty, and to stop the unethical and unsportsmanlike practice of running down and killing wildlife, including predators, with mechanized machines. 

Our mission is clear. 

Join our campaign today! 

Boone and Crockett Club Statement: Do Not Confuse Daniel, WY, Wolf Incident with Hunting

April 23, 2024

“The alleged events cannot and should not be considered hunting or wildlife management. Respect for wildlife is at the heart of what we do as hunters and conservationists and it’s clear that respect was absent from this situation. The Club has long supported professional wildlife management by state fish and wildlife agencies—including the ethical, regulated hunting of game species—as the most effective way to ensure sustainable populations of wildlife. When we have these laws and regulations in place, it builds value for wildlife and those who violate the laws can be held accountable for their actions. Until wolves are managed within this system throughout their range, we will continue to have conflicts and loss of ethical behavior.”